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Hoppon Announces Launch of Hyperlocal Grocery and Food Shopping Online

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
 Ecommerce Grocery and Food Marketplace Online Shopping

Hoppon announces a newly launched hyperlocal app and online grocery and food marketplace for shopping online. With the era of COVID, many shoppers are having trouble getting groceries. Using an online marketplace for the Chicago area, shoppers can discover new food and order it for pickup or delivery. The online grocery platform for Chicago provides a necessary service for vendors to list their shops and customers.

Hoppon is looking for new vendors to join the platform. Vendors can sign up for free and list their shop and products to provide pickup or delivery through December 31, 2020.

“Hoppon is committed to helping small businesses during these difficult times. We are also entrepreneurs and understand better than anyone that we must help each other through this period. And we are here to help,” said CEO of Hoppon, Shekar Dhandapani.

Recent data released in a GeekWire article reported in March 2020 42 percent of consumers got their groceries online. The data compared to 22 percent in the same 2018 time period. Over 50 percent of those surveyed by GeekWire saw the current pandemic “permanently boosting their willingness to buy groceries online.”

 Shopping online and utilizing apps had become the most popular way to shop due to convenience. COVID-19 has sparked a trend in online shopping. Consumers who buy their shoes and cars online realize they don’t have the time or want to take the time to hit the grocery store. Customers at a physical disadvantage, such as the elderly or handicapped, see the safety in Chicago grocery delivery.

Chicago grocery store, restaurant, deli, and other specialty food owners intent on staying in line with the growing trend can list their shop with Hoppon for online shopping. Adding an eCommerce option to a local store is particularly critical to smaller businesses that hope to remain competitive. Shifting operations to accommodate consumer demand will be vital to survival in the market long after the coronavirus is in our rearview.

Hoppon connects businesses, buyers, and consumers with merchants and vendors. It allows for convenient shopping and interaction between vendors and customers. Shops can list their shop with our Chicago food delivery hyperlocal marketplace to ensure safe transactions. 

 Online marketplaces like Hoppon are a connection that provides a high level of service to consumers and businesses. From finding products to paying for them to getting deliveries, everyone benefits from a smooth, responsible service.

Small or independent grocers, craft food purveyors, specialty food services, and other food merchants in Chicago shouldn’t assume they can’t compete with their larger competitors. Signing on with Hoppon, a company that focuses on smaller businesses, can make a deli, restaurant, or bakery as accessible as a major chain. 

“We also make it easy for vendors to get started,” said Dhandapani. “Hoppon connects consumers with small or independent grocers, specialty food stores, craft food purveyors, and other quality food merchants in the Chicago, Illinois area. Grocers can sign up with Hoppon and select easily add their available inventory through a CSV file or send the information to us, and we add it. Delis, bakeries, and even specialty food markets are using the platform to make shopping more accessible.”

Hoppon also offers a variety of features for business owners. Keep yourself tech-savvy, let valued customers stay in touch, and new customers discover you through Chicago eCommerce supermarket like Hoppon. 

“Marketplaces like this ensure that independent businesses can be technologically up-to-date and quick to serve consumers as giants like Amazon, Whole Foods, and Walmart,” said Dhandapani.

Hoppon’s Chicago grocery delivery app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Vendors can sign up for free and list their shop and products to provide pickup or delivery through December 31, 2020. List a Chicago area shop here: CLICK HERE

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