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How a Chicago Grocery eCommerce Platform Can Grow Your Business

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Chicago Grocery eCommerce Platform Grows Business

Millions of people use grocery-delivery apps like Hoppon. Global private market database CB Insights reports that grocery delivery services are more profitable than meal delivery companies, as evidenced by the fact that online grocery shopping in Chicago and across the country reached 17.5 billion dollars in 2018. An estimated 30 million users in Chicago alone will employ some grocery delivery app by 2022.

Why Online Grocery Shopping?

Online grocery shopping is fast growing in an on-demand economy. Grocers, supermarkets, and other food services need to consider these solutions to stay competitive. Apps offer the convenience shoppers have come to expect from the internet, so when your customers use a solution like Hoppon, it gives them an easy way to use your services from day one.

What Online Grocery Shopping will Do for Business

The best grocery e-commerce platform in Chicago will have a core feature that allows delivery tracking in real-time. GPS tracking highlights your attentiveness to your customers’ needs and enhances their experience.

A grocery delivery app for the Chicago area also provides relief. Giving your customers the ability to stock up on staples without leaving home builds up your reputation and standing in the community. It benefits the disabled, elderly, and even simply super-busy people. The growing popularity of online grocery shopping simplifies the immobile and the time-crunched lives, which will expand your business growth.

Regardless of personal reasons, consumers embrace a grocery e-commerce platform, so if you are a startup or small business, you need to utilize an app. They make it so much easier to promote your product. An app like Hoppon is engineered for engagement with customers, ensuring real-time contact. For example, you can let customers know about specials and sales, and you’ll be able to manage trends using customer feedback.

With an app, you can take advantage of the internet’s most powerful tool—word of mouth—to keep your services relevant. Expand your customer base and sell faster, as people who don’t want to get up and go to the store (which is most of us, at least sometimes) head straight to their devices.

According to eMarketer, grocery delivery apps usage has increased 50% in the last two years, and the number of consumers who use these apps at least once a month has increased 49.6% over the previous year. The ROI for online grocery shopping is immeasurable.

Register Your Shop with Hoppon Today

A brilliant marketing tool, Hoppon, puts e-grocery potential at the fingertips of startups and entrepreneurs. There is no better way to reach customers at minimal cost to your Business.

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