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Online Marketplaces: Giving Small Businesses a Competitive Edge in Chicago

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
 Hoppon Chicago Online Grocery and Food Platform

Online marketplaces benefit both the consumer and the business owner. Today’s consumers are always looking for convenient and affordable bargains. Business owners, like consumers, are always looking for more efficient ways of exchanging goods and services. An e-commerce platform consists of one seller and several buyers, but online marketplaces connect multiple sellers with consumers.

Connecting multiple sellers into a uniform platform generates traffic by bringing buyers through a wider range of entry points. More consumers are moving to online markets, allowing buyers to create traffic that will give their business greater visibility and increase the potential to generate sales. 

Building Hyper-Local Businesses Through ECommerce

Hoppon’s Chicago online grocery platform is an excellent tool for small businesses, ethnic groceries, and other shops to target local consumers. It offers the consumer a new avenue to shop with your business. Repeat customers and timely discount offers will grow sales for your local shop and your online market. 

Online marketplaces make it easier for consumers to locate the items they need, and they make your job, as a vendor, easier by handling your online orders, fulfilling delivery, and providing customer support. Hoppon offers small business owners, groceries, and restaurants the following benefits and features:

  • Gathering data for consumer profiles, retention campaigns, targeted ads, and tracking inventory.
  • Uses digital marketing experts to leverage SEO techniques.
  • Provides the merchant with IT experts, marketing professionals, and coders. 
  • Achieves greater customer recognition, ensuring loyalty with a higher rate of return. 
  • Tracks and measures your competition, giving out a competitive edge in Chicago food delivery.
  • An online marketplace is designed for hyper-local e-commerce to connect stores with customers by using an app. Users of the app will see all of the shops listed in the Chicago area.
  • A new channel for shop owners to target locally. Chicago grocery store delivery app offers direct buying and selling with pick-up and delivery options.
  • It allows you to create incentives for customers to shop by listing discounts. 

An online marketplace is a useful tool for growing any business. Online marketplaces satisfy existing customers and attract new customers by leveraging online traffic and the consumers’ power of search. Online marketplaces offer deliverability options and convenience that gives the merchant a competitive edge against the e-commerce giants. As the shift to online shopping grows into the norm, joining an online marketplace gives you the competitive edge for meeting consumer needs.

New Vendors Can Sign Up for Hoppon

Hoppon is looking to add new vendors to our Chicago area online food shopping platform. New vendors can sign up for free and list their shop and products to provide pickup or delivery through December 31, 2020.Register your business with us here: CLICK HERE
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